Samsung Multi-Mode Exynos Chipset

Talks about 5G have been rampant the past few weeks. The new era has finally dawned on the mobile industry but we are not sure how fast the technology will spread. We only know of developments in South Korea and the United States. One of the top proponents of 5G technology is Samsung. As you know, the brand recently announced the Galaxy S10 5G variant. In the past few years, it’s also been working on the tech by teaming up with other companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, HTC, KDDI, and KTC.

When it comes to 5G communication solutions, Samsung’s latest contribution is a set of 5G multi-mode mobile processors. The Exynos Modem 5100 is just one. The South Korean tech giant also added the Exynos SM 5800 (single-chip radio frequency transceiver) and the Exynos RF 5500 (supply modulator solution). Both chipsets are said to support the 5G New Radio (5G-NR) sub-6-gigahertz (GHz) spectrum” as well as, legacy radio access technologies.

All three solutions are said to “enable powerful yet energy-efficient 5G performance along with the network versatility that allows users to stay connected wherever they are” as per Samsung. It supports most networks: sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrums, 2G GSM/CDMA, 3G WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, HSPA, and 4G LTE networks.

Not many people know about Samsung’s efforts but the top global OEM has been ready for Exynos Modem 5100’s commercialization since last year.  Samsung developed the chipsets to deliver power efficiency. It’s possible especially when paired with RF and supply modulator solutions.

These solutions are definitely ready for commercial use as they’ve been rated already by the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) committee earlier this year. There is no stopping Samsung from advancing 5G. 5G tech innovations are expected to rock this year so we’re excited about the endless possibilities.

These Samsung’s RF chips and 5G modem are being manufactured at the moment. We’re looking forward to more 5G phones that will be introduced in the coming months.

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SOURCE: Samsung