Samsung isn’t just known for its mobile devices. Its semiconductor division is one of the top manufacturers in the world today. The South Korean electronics giant recently introduced a new 16MP CMOS image sensor that is 1.0μm-pixel-based. It’s the first in the market to bring 1.0μm pixel performance. Officially known as the S5K3P3, this image sensor also makes use of a proprietary ISOCELL technology that reduces color crosstalk to improve color fidelity and light sensitivity.

What’s good about this image sensor is that it packs a punch despite its small form. This means image sensor module size can be smaller for thinner and even slimmer mobile devices. Samsung says this thing will still meet slim design and high resolution requirements by upcoming smartphones. It reduces camera module size by 20%.

There is both a trend and demand for slimmer phones and this can only be achieved once parts and modules are made even smaller or thinner. This is just the first 1.0μm-pixel imager from Samsung. Expect the company to work on a more advanced version or other companies to follow suit.

Nothing is impossible these days with all the advancements in mobile technology. Everything is smaller, better, and faster each day that we may have a hard time keeping track of which products are the best or the latest. This image sensor reduces some protusion at the back, almost ready to build a thinner device.

Samsung’s S5K3P3 image sensor is now availble for sale and use for slimmer and thinner mobile devices from any manufacturer.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow