Samsung, with the introduction of the Galaxy Gear, made clear their goals for wearable technology. The device, which has been panned for utility, certainly is the smartest looking smartwatch we’ve seen. That could be a precursor to bigger plans for Samsung, as the Korean OEM plans to enter both the fitness and fashion wearables sector. The Galaxy Gear has a pedometer slapped in, making it useful for tracking rudimentary health statistics. Their flagship devices — the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 — both have proprietary Samsung fitness apps available the second you turn either on, further staking claim to their fitness intents. If that weren’t enough, Samsung has also filed a patent for a “wearable monitor to measure bodily functions, heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity, walking speed, steps taken, calories burned, weather conditions, fitness training, and activity data.”

The Samsung Sport, as the device is currently known, seems to be right up Samsung’s current alley. With the continuation of their curved display technology, Samsung hopes to make a splash in the fashion world, too. By migrating from curved displays to those that stretch, Samsung ebleives they’ll have an inroad to the fashion world. Dr. Kinam Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Display, said “…we will stretch our goal to achieve ‘stretchable’ AMOLED, which might enable us to enter the fashion market.” From a smart watch to sports wrist wear, then onto fashion via stretchable AMOLED.

Samsung sure has some lofty ambitions, which we hope to get a good look at during CES 2014. Though we expect to see the Samsung Sport wearable sometime soon, their timeline above notes 2015 as the target year. While that seems a bit far off, we do like the prospect of stretchable AMOLED appearing in 2018.
VIA: SlashGear