Probably one of the least favorite things of people who have to go to work or school every day is the sound of their alarm clock, especially if it’s the stock alarms that you’ll have to hear daily. Would waking up to your favorite songs make it a bit more bearable? That’s what Samsung is hoping for one of the new features that come with its One UI 2.1 update. Users of the Galaxy S20 series will now be able to use Spotify as their alarm in the stock clock app.

The bad news is that this is available only for the owners of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But if you’re the proud owner of any of these three devices, then this means you’ll be able to set up the popular music streaming service as your alarm tone instead of just the stock ones that come with Samsung’s default clock app. As to whether this will roll out to older devices, it probably will once One UI 2.1 also rolls out to them.

If you own any of the 3 devices and you have the latest version of One UI running on the smartphone, go to the Alarm Sound settings within the Clock app itself. You need to have Spotify installed on your device, of course, to be able to use it. You can choose which song or playlist you would want to wake up to and hopefully that should make the process of getting out of bed and preparing for your day a bit better.

If you don’t have a Galaxy S20 device, you can still actually have Spotify as your alarm. A couple of years ago, the Google Clock app rolled out that feature and so if you don’t mind installing a different clock app on your older Samsung device, then this is the way to go. At least for now. Hopefully, when other Samsung devices get Android 10 and One UI 2.1, you won’t need a different app for that.

One UI 2.1 is not really that radically different from 2.0 but it’s the little features like this that make it better. You also get a revamped AR emoji, Music Share, and Google Duo integration. You also get Quick Share which is their alternative version of Apple’s AirDrop.


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