Summer of Samsung Galaxy 5G Phones

Summer is not canceled. It’s just starting in some countries. Unfortunately, there are countries where they skipped summer festivities due to the lockdown, no thanks to this pandemic coronavirus. But there are still ways to enjoy–summer or not. As for Samsung, it wants you and me to enjoy by offering rewards to Galaxy phone owners. First in the many offerings are rewards from Fortnite, Forza Street, and Niantic. There’s also bonus content from Netflix. Samsung’s summer lineup also includes 5G variants of the current phones available.

These Android phones are now up for sale: the Galaxy S20 5G series, Galaxy Note10+ 5G, and the Galaxy A71 5G. The Galaxy Note 20 will be unveiled next month. Starting with the Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is offered unlocked by Samsung. It promises the same 5G speed and a professional-grade camera system.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G allows a more powerful entertainment experience plus productivity. It comes with the S Pen so you can doodle or jot down notes. It’s the perfect mobile device for when you want to integrate work and play.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is a mid-range smartphone offering but it’s powerful with ultra-fast mobile connectivity. It brings a decent battery life, camera, and display at an affordable price point. It’s not expensive but you get the same benefits of premium 5G phones.

Summer of Samsung Galaxy 5G

Samsung wants this July to be memorable for its loyal fans. The rewards and bonuses plus the 5G phone lineup can make this summer fun even if most people around the world are staying at home. The Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live may also join the summer fun but we’ll have to wait for the official reveal. Next month, Samsung will be introducing the new Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Fold 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G.