Who says you have to wait until Black Friday to get yourself some sweet freebies and awesome deals? Samsung is a few weeks ahead of the party as they are offering special bundle deals if you buy any of their new Galaxy devices, specifically the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 or an S6 Edge+. You’ll be able to get $350 worth of accessories, as well as a $50 cash rebate if you activate your Samsung Pay account. You also get a sweet deal if you trade in your iPhone for any of these Galaxy devices.

There are two bundles available for the new eligible Galaxy smartphone owners. The Level On package (worth $299) includes a charging pad for your wireless charging needs, a battery pack for when you’re mobile and need extra juice, and Samsung’s very own Level On headphones for your workout and music listening needs. If you prefer a more stylish package, you can get the Swarovski jewelry package (worth $220) which will bring you a fast-charging battery pack, a wireless charging pad, and of course a Swarovski crystal cover.

If you activate the new mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, on your new Galaxy device (and those four are the only ones that the service will work on anyway), you will get a $50 cash rebate. And if you’re from the other side, meaning you’re switching from an iPhone to any of the eligible Galaxy devices, you’ll get $100 in Google Play credits, which means a lot of games and apps at your disposal.


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To redeem your holiday bundles, click on the source link and input all the details needed (make sure your official receipt is nearby). But you better hurry since this promo will only be until November 22.

SOURCE: Samsung


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