Samsung Galaxy Blockchain Device

The idea of blockchain has been around for years but it’s not a topic we frequently cover. The subject can be complicated for some. In the early days, related apps were known to be vulnerable.. The idea of cryptocurrency has since been working but there aren’t many mobile devices that officially support the system. In the past years, we’ve seen some other solutions like browsers with built-in crypto wallet. HTC introduced a phone with hardware wallet and bitcoin node support.

Samsung wants to enter the game by officially adding support to hardware wallets to Galaxy devices. This move allows users to import and manage their cryptocurrency assets and DApps in one one location that is secure and easy-to-use. The South Korean tech giant announced that management of blockchain can now be done on Galaxy phones.

Trading virtual assets from 3rd-party wallet on Galaxy phones is now allowed. Samsung is adding support via an update. Specifically, it’s possible with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet on Galaxy devices.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet users can use the system more confidently now with the official support. This means you can be updated with the latest in cryptocurrency in your Galaxy phone. The company also added the Samsung Blockchain Keystore plus access to Ledger Nano X.2 and Ledger Nano S.

Samsung isn’t exactly new to the game. The Galaxy S10 released in 2019 included the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. It now supports different cryptocurrencies from Ethereum to Bitcoin to TRC tokens, Tron (TRX), and ERC tokens. The wallet also allows Galaxy phone users to use DAppd that take advantage of blockchain technology.

Samsung only wants Galaxy phones to be more secure. It’s possible with the company’s blockchain solutions as they are protected by Samsung Knox. Samsung has encrypted the apps and data in a place different from the main OS. There is also the Samsung Blockchain Keystore that is protected by a secure processor.