Curious where you can get the new Note Pro from Samsung? Likely just about anywhere, but for those fans of connected devices, there might be good news. According to FCC filings, a version of the NotePRO 12.2-inch tablet may be coming for the Verizon network.

 Going by the working name of SM-P905V, the device features LTE bands 4 and 13. Those two are Verizon network LTE bands, leading us to believe there will be a variant specifically for Verizon. We’ve seen Samsung work with Verizon in the past on variants made specifically for them, so this is likely for more reasons than an FCC filing.

Lending more fuel to the fire, Bluetooth SIG is saying the destination for the tablet is North America. The “V” at the end of the working title also tips hats in the direction of Big Red. Announced shortly after Michael Bay’s rage quit at CES, the Note Pro is a slightly larger tablet featuring a few new features meant to set Samsung further apart from other Android offerings. Their new Magazine interface borrows from Android’s card layout, and almost patently steals from Flipboard.

We’re still not sold on a tablet of that size for consumers, but for enterprise, it’s a great idea. So is Verizon. The duo just might make for a powerful business solution, moving forward. Not limited to Verizon, we’ll likely see the Note Pro everywhere, so if you’re not willing or able to go with Verizon, no worries there. Pricing still isn’t available, which is the next query we’ll have about this one.
VIA: Phone Arena