Samsung has extended a patent licensing agreement with Nokia for another five years. Reports suggest that the talks have been going on for quite some time, and are a continuation of a current deal both companies have agreed to. Terms were not disclosed, but it’s believed that the original terms both parties agreed to are still in effect.

Also not disclosed, neither this time nor last, was just what these patents cover. The original deal, as well as this, are subject to a very strict Non-Disclosure Agreement barring either side from saying anything at all. Considering the very strict nature of the NDA, and that nobody is breaking it even anonymously, we’d like to think it’s intrinsic to Samsung’s mobile business.

It could concern simple mobile device details like WiFi connectivity, or could have much to do with Samsung’s suite of proprietary apps. There isn’t even word about what type of patents these are, leaving us more curious than concerned. What this doesn’t mean is that Microosoft will be getting rich from Samsung; Nokia sold off their hardware division to Microsoft, but will retain all patents and intellectual property.

What this does mean is that Samsung can avoid further litigation, moving forward. Their worldwide tussle with Apple still simmers quietly, and they’ve recently vowed to play nice with regard to patent licensing. For Nokia, this means their choice in a new business model at least has some virtue, and that they can, perhaps, exist in a different way that before.