Good news guys, it appears the process has just begun and Google is pushing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the original Samsung Nexus S. Apparently a few employees from Mountain View have received the OTA update on their very own Nexus S smartphones and it’s safe to say the “dogfooding” testing has finally started. This is a great sign and I’m sure we’ll see this available for download shortly.

The term dogfooding is Google and a few others way of saying the update is in its beta stages and is being rolled out in a controlled manor to a few devices. For now this should only be hitting those lucky few peoples phones and its being reported all over Google+. According to Android Police most of the employee tweets or posts have since been removed or deleted but don’t worry as a few readers were quick enough to snap a screenshot — and for that we thank you.

We don’t have many details at the moment other than the update is rolling out and hopefully we’ll get a leak or two shortly. If all goes well Google could be set to start the official Nexus S Android 4.0 ICS rollout in the next few weeks or around Christmas time. That would be a nice gift don’t you guys think? So much for the Galaxy Nexus being the first US device with Android 4.0 because if Google has anything to do with it they might beat Verizon to the punch, but I doubt that. Stay tuned for more details and hopefully we’ll have a download for this OTA shortly.

[device id=472]

[via Android Police]


  1. I am certain Google can get a stable build of ICS for the N1…besides the specs of the NS are similar to those of N1. I say if the moders can do this w/ devices that are less spec’d than the N1, certainly Google Engineers can bring some ICS love to the N1. It is doable and we expect Google to lead by example to stem the tide of Fragmentation. They have to take the lead and show the OEMs and Carriers how it is done…besides they have just two types of devices (N1 and NS) to upgrade. Don’t be lazy….

  2. I bought the Nexus S because Google said we would get the OS updates as they became available, faster than passing it through the carriers. I hope that they keep their word and do not hold back for the believers to favor Verizon’s marketing team. Would that be evil? Hmmmm.


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