Samsung is working on a new project that is related to AI. Samsung NEON is a new Artificial Intelligence development that we will know more about at the upcoming CES 2020 event in Las Vegas. Samsung NEON is also known as Artificial Human. It’s a project by the Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs aka STAR Labs. The company has been actually teasing the AI development that it’s been working on for several years now. We actually mentioned Samsung will debut Neon AI soon at the CES and it’s happening next week.

By Artificial Human, it’s easy to think this is another AI assistant like Bixby but it’s not. It may probably work with Bixby but we have yet to know more details about this new project.

Samsung Neon Life is said to be an “artificial intelligence being”. We’re thinking something of a robot but not with a physical form. It’s really like another AI assistant that can be your best friend.

Samsung Research America was sighted to have submitted some applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are four related trademark applications that refer to an artificial human. Some items mentioned include NEON Artificial Human, NEON, NEON.Life, and Core R3. is believed to be a new domain name. We’re assuming it is where Samsung will announce the Artificial Intelligence project. Upon checking, we see a countdown timer. As of this writing, Samsung still has four days to go before the big reveal.

On the USPTO, Samsung NEON is categorized as Class 9/41/42 and is described as the following: Entertainment services, namely, production of special effects including model-making services, computer-generated imagery and computer-generated graphics for the production of motion pictures, videos and movie trailers; augmented reality video production; creating computer-generated characters; design and development of computer-modeled versions of human beings using computer animation for use in movies, television, internet, and other applications; design and development of software for virtual characters; creating for others custom computer-generated imagery, animations, simulations and models used for entertainment.

There are mentions of computer-generated imagery, augmented reality video production, and computer-modeled versions of human beings among others. It could mean we would be seeing computer-generated faces similar to a human. Instead of a virtual assistant, it could be a virtual person.