Samsung has announced a new president of the US mobile division. Gregory Lee will be stepping in to replace the outgoing Dale Sohn. Mr. Lee will be stepping into this new position immediately. His official role will be as the President of Samsung Telecommunications America (STA). Mr. Lee is coming to this position by way of Asia where he served as president of Samsung’s Southeast Asia Headquarters.

That was a position held for three years and prior to that Mr. Lee was in Korea serving as the head of Global Marketing Operations. Samsung has said Mr. Lee will be “responsible for leading the company’s mobile business operations and strengthening the company’s leading position in the smartphone market in the US.”

They are also citing Mr. Lee as being a “recognized expert through his achievements in marketing and innovative operations in Southeast Asia.” As far as Dale Sohn, he will be heading back to Korea to serve as Executive Advisor to JK Shin. Samsung credits Sohn for helping the company climb to be number one in the US mobile phone market, as having achieved record results with the Galaxy S smartphone portfolio and driving Samsung’s commitment to network business.

Otherwise, aside from this change with Samsung, we also saw a recent announcement coming from Huawei. The Huawei news arrived yesterday and named Colin Giles as the executive vice president of the Consumer Business Group. The interesting part about the Giles news is where he came from — Nokia. Giles had left Nokia back in April with claims of wanting to spend more time with his family.

SOURCE: Business Wire