Not everyone listens to music through their music streaming service, at least all the time. There are still those who store their music locally and use their built-in music player on their smartphone to catch up on their tunes. If you’re the latter and you own a Samsung device, the good news is that the built-in Samsung Music player will now look differently once you update it. That’s because it’s been redesigned to make it simpler and more immersive. Plus, if you do need a streaming music service, Spotify has been integrated into it.

Because you don’t need so many bells and whistles from your music player (at least you shouldn’t), the new Samsung Music has made it simpler by giving you a tab design so you can easily swipe through your favorites, playlists, tracks, albums, etc. If you need helping sorting through all the tracks on your device, a new sort option has also been added.

If you happen to accidentally or intentionally close your Samsung Music player, you won’t get cut off immediately which may cause an abrupt change of mood for you. You now have a crossfade feature that will let the music slowly fade out and get quieter and then end completely. It’s a small thing but it will be appreciated by those who don’t want to be cut off abruptly.

Since Samsung and Spotify signed a long-term partnership, it’s not surprising to see a tab from the latter in the former’s music player. Unfortunately it doesn’t really link Spotify to the player but rather, will show you playlist recommendations from the music streaming giant. You should also be able now to easily interact with smart devices like smart TVs, wearables, tablets, etc.

You can now update your Samsung Music to version from the Galaxy Apps store.

VIA: SAM Mobile


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