For those of you with the bright and rounded Samsung Mesmerize on everyone’s favorite star-studded carrier US Wireless, just waiting for ever and ever for a software update, today’s your day. You’ll be granted the lovely Android 2.2 Upgrade EE19 update upon accessing it with Kies Mini. Also mind the errors, because we may very likely be seeing some coming in with this particular upgrade of bits.

What this upgrade will be doing for you is fixing minor bugs, finding yourself with a whole new ability to actually hear phone calls, fixing an issue where the volume buttons were not accurately responding, and yes, if you’ve not gotten it before, an update to Android 2.2 Froyo. Along with this, US Cellular has a few more updates in the chute, some old, some new, all of them Android.

This updates include an Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade for the LG APEX, another Android 2.2 upgrade for the Samsung Acclaim, and a third Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade for the HTC Desire. Grab em all for fun! Also NOTE: this upgrade to EE19 is a minor upgrade after the real deal Android 2.2 Froyo update that happened in March of this year. Head back to a post about that and see if you can spot the differences.