Samsung may have already consolidated the Gear Apps with Galaxy Apps but the company has just launched a new one: the Samsung Members app. This all-in-one app is like a one-stop shop for Samsung Galaxy device owners from all corners of the world. It is where users can take advantage of Galaxy benefits and check available troubleshooting services.

Samsung Members app features troubleshooting and feedback services where users can read documents on common issues, FAQs, and 1:1 questions. Through the app, you can send Error Reports encountered and ask the experts for possible help on a problem. There’s a Support section where users can always check and learn how to optimize a phone’s performance.

There are three tools available within the app: Device Diagnostics, Smart Tutor, and A/S Center. Device Diagnostics is where tests can be selected to run on the phone and check on WiFi, battery, Bluetooth, or other sensors. If needed, actions will be made. Smart Tutor is where a live customer service agent can be contacted for help while the A/S Center is where you can find the nearest support center.

Samsung Members also features a forum where a community of Galaxy users gather online to discuss whatever is related to Samsung, share tips, post reviews, and publish whatever suggestions for Samsung.

Samsung Members Hello customer

Samsung Members also includes a rewards program to allow avid Galaxy fans and users to increase levels. The higher the level, the more benefits like discounts and coupons will be given that can be used to shop for accessories or for repaid services in the future.

If you have a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, you will see this app pre-installed on your device but only if you are from the UAE, Russia, Spain, or China. Others may need to download the new app.

Download Samsung Members app from the Galaxy Apps or Google Play Store

SOURCE: Samsung