We figured that it was only going to take a small push in the right direction for Samsung to finally offer a full-fledged operating system over Samsung DeX, and the Korean gadget giant is now making sounds like its leaning on Linux for that purpose.

There’s a big advantage if a portable system like Samsung DeX finally offers a full desktop operating system with it – this means that a lot more people who work on the go will think of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and the succeeding Samsung phones that will feature Samsung DeX) as a legitimate work option. Linux is the logical option, since it is already very much related to how Android is built. See the concept video below.

Samsung DeX requires your Galaxy S8 docked on to the proprietary DeX dock which outputs video to a bigger display. The operating system that it projects onto the display is Samsung’s DeX ecosystem, but as the video above shows, Linux could also be an option.

A lot of people who work with servers and people who develop software prefer Linux over Windows, so a Samsung DeX system that offers Linux could be a big come on for these types of users.

SOURCE: Samsung Newsroom