While we’re still waiting with bated breath as to when Samsung will finally be making its Galaxy Fold available for purchase, we’re already hearing reports about a new version that they may br releasing next. Because not everyone will probably be willing to shell out $2,000 on a “unique” smartphone, Samsung is reportedly working on a more affordable device but one with lower specifications of course. This means we may see a new foldable display device from the Korean OEM but one with a lower storage capacity.

The Galaxy Fold is finally expected to unfold at this week’s upcoming IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. You probably remember that it was supposed to launch earlier this year in April but early reviews and technical difficulties forced Samsung to delay its release while trying to fix the issues. It seems they’re confident enough that the premium smartphone with a foldable display will finally meet the public’s expectations and contribute to their profits of course.

Obviously, not everyone will probably be willing to get a $2,000 smartphone and so Samsung is reportedly working on a new version of it, according to SAM Mobile. One way to make it more affordable is to sacrifice some of its hardware in exchange for getting a convenient foldable display device. The early murmurings is that the internal storage will be cut down to 256GB instead of the 512GB that the current Galaxy Fold has.

Some may consider that “sacrifice” unacceptable given that we tend to install a lot of apps and store files in our devices that 256GB may not be enough anymore. But for those who want to experience a device that can still function as a regular phone even when it’s not “unfolded”, this is a small price to pay. Literally. Aside from the lessened storage, not much is known about this supposed cheaper Galaxy Fold so we’ll have to wait a few more months for more rumours.

In the meantime, if you want the best of what a foldable display device can offer, Samsung is hoping that you’ll give the Galaxy Fold a chance. Well, when we finally get to actually see and buy it, that is. We’ll have to wait for a few more days before we can confirm if it will indeed launch at the IFA.


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