The search for the technology that can do away with the much-maligned notch is truly on. And Samsung may have one of the keys to that with their Sound on Display OLED panels which they talked about earlier this year. It looks like they may be ready to show off this tech that will essentially kill the speaker on your smartphone. Rumor has it that they are now ready to commercialize it and will be demonstrating its capabilities at the upcoming CES 2019 happening in a few days.

According to the Korean site Electronc Times, Samsung is ready to show off the Sound on Display panels that will eliminate the need to have external speakers on both your smartphones and your televisions. This means that smartphone makers will be able to all the more fully utilize the real estate of the screen. This is in keeping with all OEM’s desire to have an all-screen design or a truly bezel-less device,

The Sound on Display OLED panels uses vibration and bone conduction to bring sound to the users without need of an external speaker, giving you an in-display sound. This technology will not just be useful for smartphones but maybe even for televisions as well. It may become available for OEMs who will get their AMOLEDs from Samsung Display.

They are of course not the first to have tried this screen as a speaker technology. Xiaomi used a piezoelectric speaker underneath their screen on the Mi Mix smartphone that transmitted sound directly to the ears. Vivo also did that for their NEX S, so we might be seeing a trend for this technology if other OEMs follow suit.

Samsung’s Sound on Display will supposedly be on display at the upcoming CES in January. Now as to whether we will see this on the new flagship devices of Samsung, specifically the Galaxy S10 line, thatof course depends on the readiness of the tech, which we’ll probably find out over the next few weeks.

VIA: SlashGear