Big things are expected from Samsung for its upcoming flagship, especially after the recent issues with the catching on fire batteries and eventual pull-out of the Galaxy Note 7. There have been some rumors floating around about what we assume to be the Galaxy S8, and one of the persistent ones is that it will come with the automatic focus (AF) function for its front-facing camera. And since mobile photography and selfies are still big things now, then this may be a pretty handy feature for this crowd.

New camera technologies and features are always welcome in this mobile photo-obsessed world and Samsung is clearly heading into that direction as well. Industry insiders said that the beleaguered Korean OEM is looking into adapting an encoder-type AF actuator for the front-facing camera of the Galaxy S8. Its purpose is to control the location of the lenses and to automatically adjust the focus of said lenses. Basically, it will adjust to where the optimal focal distance depending on where the subject is.

Currently, Samsung mostly uses fixed focus-type front cameras because then modules can be smaller and consequently, the price can be adjusted. But of course quality-wise, it can’t compare to the main cameras and customers are always demanding for better quality “selfie cameras”. And as we all know, the pixel size of the camera isn’t necessarily the best indicator of its quality. Cameras that have the AF actuator can take clearer selfies as it can take quality pictures of subjects in different distances.

The encoder-type actuator can actually make the smartphone slimmer, and therefore more elegant. Of course this may also mean a more expensive Galaxy S8, so let’s wait for the official announcement when it launches sometime in the next few months.

VIA: ET News