The Samsung Music Hub is currently available in six countries and on a few devices to include the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. Based on a recent report though, it looks like Samsung is planning to not only expand into additional markets, but also onto additional devices. Defining the additional devices a bit further, Samsung is looking to make the Music Hub available for non-Samsung devices.

The key here, while it seems to go without saying that additional device support could only stand to improve the user numbers — Samsung appears to be readying the Music Hub for other devices in an effort to make it a bit nicer for customers that own a mix of devices. In fact, TJ Kang who is the SVP for Samsung Media Services recently said that customers tend to own hardware from multiple makers and having the Music Hub on non-Samsung devices would make things better for them.

Of course, while it would appear as if Samsung is looking out for the customer — we can see another side here. We suspect this could increase the user base due to the fact that some Samsung device owners may have never considered using the Music Hub due to the lack of cross platform support. Speaking personally, I have been a Galaxy S III user for some time now and fall into that category myself. I wouldn’t consider using the Music Hub because I also use a Nexus 7.

That said, with the Music Hub offering goodies such as unlimited streaming, music discovery through personal radio stations and the ability to upload your music to the cloud — this could be some competition for other services such as Google Music and the Amazon Cloud Player.

As to when we may begin seeing expanded support for the Music Hub, Kang had said that would begin happening in 2013. Details include the Music Hub landing on other Samsung flagship devices first and then additional markets followed by other manufacturer devices. The Samsung device support shouldn’t be much of an issue, however the additional markets will of course come down to licensing.

[via The Next Web]