Several months after they first revealed the “Level” line of audio accessories, Samsung has finally announced that the high-end audio portfolio is now available in the US market. The headphones and Bluetooth speaker will be ready for purchase online and through several retail stores starting next week and were created to enhance the audial experience with Samsung smartphones and gadgets.

The high-end line includes three headphones, all of which offers something different depending on how you like to listen to your music and videos. If you want to immerse yourself totally in what you’re listening to, then Level Over is the one you need. The over-ear wireless headphone has Active Noise Cancellation that, well, obviously cancels all the noise outside, using four mics inside and outside and is connected to your device through Bluetooth technology. The Level On on-ear, wired headphone is perfect for those who are constantly on the go due to its foldable ergonomic design but it still has a powerful sound as well. If you want your music to pulse and treble, then the Level In in-ear wired headphone should be your dream. It has a three-way speaker system that gives you the natural sound quality, like you’re at a concert or at a bar where you’re surrounded by the music.

The Level Box meanwhile is a Bluetooth speaker that has the capability of streaming music from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The high quality speakers have both noise reduction and echo cancellation to give you that “crystal-clear sound.” It also has a one-touch NFC or Bluetooth pairing button that makes it easier to connect with your Samsung phone or actually, any Bluetooth compatible device.

If you’re a member of, then you’ll have a chance to get the accessories ahead of everyone as it will offer exclusive first access on July 17. Afterwards, it will be available on Amazon on July 20, at Samsung’s online store on July 21 and then at retail stores on July 27. The SRP are as follows: Level Over ($349.99), Level On ($179.99), Level In ($149.99) and Level Box ($169.99).

SOURCE: Samsung