Samsung has announced plans to launch 60 stand-alone retail stores across Europe. The stores will be opening as part of a new “preferred partner” agreement that Samsung has signed with the Carphone Warehouse Group. The Samsung stores will be opening over the next three months and coming to the UK as well as Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

While 60 new locations will certainly be a big jump for Samsung and Carphone Warehouse, this news follows the successful 2013 launch of three stand-alone stores in Spain. Samsung has said the new stores will offer a “premium look and feel.” And perhaps key here, they will be operated by Carphone Warehouse and selling Samsung mobile products to include smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and wearables.

Other details here point towards how customers visiting these stores will see a new experience that “merges retail and technology innovations.” More to the point here, these stores will make use of Carphone Warehouse’s sales tools and connectivity platform using Samsung tablets.

Neither Samsung or Carphone Warehouse have announced any specific plans beyond these 60 new retail stores, however it seems there may be some potential to take things further. Comments from the press release announcement touched on how “there is potential to expand the relationship going forward.” For now though, both companies are hoping to be able to offer a “powerful new retail concept.”

Bottom line here, if you happen to live in any of those seven European markets, you may want to be on the lookout for a store opening. With that in mind, while Samsung and Carphone Warehouse have announced the seven markets and even said there will be a total of 60 new stores — they have yet to offer anything in terms of specific locations.