If you like testing out the vulnerabilities and security errors of both software and hardware, wouldn’t you want to get rewarded for doing those things (aside from your regular salary in whatever company you work for)? Well, if you do belong to the security community, then Samsung wants you to go and help them improve their products and services and then get your just rewards. They are now launching their Mobile Security Rewards Program on a larger scale, after running a pilot program since January 2016.

Basically, what Samsung wants to happen is for the security experts to evaluate the integrity of both their mobile devices and the software so that they will be able to solve the vulnerabilities that their products may have. The past few years, people have been pretty particular about security issues on their gadgets as well as the software and apps they use. And so having experts continually checking out if their products are vulnerable is pretty important to Samsung right now.

Those who want to participate in the program can cover all of Samsung’s 38 devices that are still receiving monthly and quarterly security updates. It also covers Samsung Mobile Services like Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, etc. What your reward will depend on the severity of the vulnerability that you have exposed, as well as if you can provide a proof of concept.

But just so you know, the price could be up to $200,000. Plus, there’s also the reward of being able to help not just Samsung, but eventually, the users of Samsung products of course.

SOURCE: Samsung


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