Passing by unnoticed and buried under tons of device unveilings, Samsung announced that its KNOX security framework is now available for use by consumers. Samsung’s end-to-end security solution is what helped its Galaxy S 4 be approved for use in US government offices and will now land in the hands of regular users.

Launched in February at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung KNOX is the company’s answer to the biggest problem of the growing BYOD office scenario: security. In concept, KNOX sounds simple. It implements a “container”, a separate and secure environment where only a select number of applications can run and data can be stored securely. Applications outside the container only have limited access to that data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from malware, phishing attacks, or even physical attempts in the case of stolen or lost devices.

Samsung initially made KNOX available to enterprise customers, enabling IT departments to deplay a secure working environment on employees’ office or personal devices without stepping on the employee’s privacy. Now users will be able to also take advantage of the system, allowing them to store personal data, videos, images, or even sensitive work files in the secure container.

Samsung KNOX will be available on Samsung’s upcoming and future high-end smartphones such as the recently announced Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. It will also be made available on devices already in the market, including the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S 4, and the Galaxy Note II, although no timeline has been given yet.

SOURCE: Samsung