Samsung is rolling out wireless sync for users of its Kies desktop media management app for certain Android smartphones. Kies Air is showing up in the Samsung Apps download store on the Galaxy S, and allows PCs running Kies to access the smartphone over WiFi and view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks, and IMs, as well as send SMS messages from the computer’s browser.

Unlike HTC Sense Online, Kies Air only works if all devices are on the same WiFi network, and we’re not seeing it show up in the Galaxy Tab apps store, only on the Galaxy S. Still, it’s a useful tool if you want to use your full-sized keyboard to punch out messages more quickly, or manage content on the Galaxy S without having to plug in a USB cable. Kies is a free download for PC only.

[via Samsung Blog]


  1. IMO Kies is CRAP.. seriously.. after the froyo update (through Kies) it won’t recognize/find my phone through USB anymore!

    Maybe they released Kies Air as a workaround?

  2. You need patience with samsung, especially with their phone apps I think they dream up an app then try to make it work, unfortunately they open their mouths and say how wonderful it is, before they get it working.

  3. does using transferring b/w my phone and pc with kies air use bandwidth (i have limited downloads/uploads) thanks in advance

  4. Looking to buy User Manual for Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  Unable to download manual due to Adobe problems.  Please help, where can I purchase this manual.   Catherine McKay

  5. I have just got a new Samsung Galaxy S II – my first smartphone. I have set up the connection to my PC and I can see the phone in my folder structure. However, when I go to the web browser in order to see my content then I just get an error message. That it can return the page. Do anyone knows what is wrong? Is there some setting I am missing – e.g. in my internet browser?

  6. I was wondering with my kies Air if i delete a picture on my pc does it delete it in phone, because when i look at pics on my pc (kies air) there are a lot of the gifs associated to my phone and I dont want to upload hundreds to my pc

    • yes it does, but only if you are in kies and look into your phone catalogs,, but if you copies your pics to your pc and then open the folder for your pics in your pc and looks and delete,,, ikt will not afeckt your photos in yr phone,,,,,

  7. hi got a new galaxy s2 today and it will not let me sync via cable or wifi any ideas ? it keeps saying connecting then nothing happens. also the pc says unable to find csc or cdc

  8. hello,
    my pc is connected to “digisol” router, which has wi-fi. I am able to connect my galaxy note to router with wi-fi, KIES AIR is showing my PC ip address on galaxy note, but i am unable to send/receive file to PC. what could be the problem? can any one help on thanks

  9. I have a Galaxy Plus S. Unfortunately Kies air is as useful on it as  a mobile phone to a cat. I tried to unload my pictures, but it is impossible through kies ari. Not only, my pictures disappeared. Such a thing made me furious!!!!!  I cannot sownload any pictures on my PC from my mobile Samsung Galaxy Plus S. I am very unhappy!!!!!

    • Kies Air is ridiculously good because you can have your phone charging in one room and still send and recieve text messages from your browser. You can even download Sony LiveWare manager and set it to automatically launch Kies Air when you plug in your charger. It’s a really good utility. Additionally, make sure you’re using a higher class SD card if that is where your media is stored. It helps when the phone can read stuff from the card much faster…


  10. I purchased 2 Samsung G 4s and 1 Samsung Tab 2 based on the advertised Kies capability to sync my 2 PCs with Outlook. I now regret purchasing Samsung products as both Kies 2 and 3 have caused me many hours of trouble attempting to sync, Kies 2 stopped working before I was able to sync and Kies 3 at first did not work at all and then when updated causes duplicate entries in both Contacts and Calendar, also wrong dates in Calendars! Also Kies 3 will not let me chose the Phone or Outlook as the source!

    • I have the same problem with my S3 and Kies 3. Took me hours to clean up my Outlook calendar after Kies dupicated over 2000 entries

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