It looks like Samsung’s woes are piling up one after the other. The latest one isn’t batteries catching on fire serious, but it is probably very annoying for people, especially those who rely on their mobile devices for working remotely. Several users of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 have been reporting some weird typing problems when using the Samsung Keyboard when using their phone’s stock email app. While of course you can solve that by using a different email app or keyboard, it still is something that they would have to fix asap.

What users have been complaining about are a bunch of small things that are actually pretty annoying if you think about it. Errors include wrong contractions (I’m becomes I”m) then deleting letters after them, changing words like autocorrect to aautocorret and three to ttree, etc. Important thing like auto replace, auto space, and auto punctuate are also not working. Even the double click period and capitalization features aren’t working right now.

It looks like the errors are happening if you’re using your Samsung keyboard for the stock email app. But if you switch to Google Keyboard or any other virtual keyboard app, your typing goes back to normal (well, as normal as you are). But still, this is a problem that Samsung needs to get a handle on. Just a few tweaks and bug killing should do the trick, if it’s a simple problem.

While it is a small problem compared to the whole Galaxy Note 7 burning batteries and subsequent stop manufacturing debacle, it’s still a problem nonetheless. No word yet from Samsung on what they’re doing to fix the problem.

VIA: Phone Arena