A new ISOCELL technology is ready to make mobile imaging better than before. Samsung has always been known to make great cameras especially on its premium flagship phones and with the release of ISOCELL Plus, expect better-performing shooters that are more sensitive to light and truer to colors. The South Korean tech giant isn’t only known for its smartphones and smart appliances. The brand is also a leader in semiconductors and a new product is ready to deliver major changes to smartphones.

Samsung knows how light environments change often and so there is a need for tech that can tackle abrupt changes and different lighting conditions. Every photograph must be captured with enough light so more colors will be transmitted. With the new ISOCELL Plus, the pixel isolation technology is taken to new heights. An optimized pixel architecture means a metal barrier has been replaced by Samsung with a new material that is innovative and able to minimize light reflection and optical loss.

This new material was designed by Fujifilm, another leader in camera technology. Other advancements offered by the ISOCELL Plus include a 15% increase in light sensitivity, higher color fidelity, ability to enable image sensors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) without any loss. We’re assuming the Galaxy Note 9 will already have this tech.

Samsung and Fujifim’s close collaboration bring the two industry leaders at the forefront of the mobile imaging arena. CMOS image sensor technology levels up as the two big brands commit to deliver “ultra-high-resolution sensors with incredibly small pixel dimensions” and “bring performance advancements for sensors with larger pixel designs” as described by Samsung’s VP of System LSI marketing Ben K. Hur.

More information on the new ISOCELL Plus will be shared this June 27 to 29 at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, China.

SOURCE: Samsung