If Google is aiming for that “oneness” in look and feel with Material Design, Samsung wants continuity. Yes, it wants to take on Continuity for a more seamless interaction between Samsung devices.

Continutiy is Apple’s version of a cross-device utility. It seems that Samsung wants to follow with Flow but of course, only for Samsung devices. From your phone to tablet to TV or desktop computer, you can continue working on the same stuff with Flow. This vision of the South Korean giant is expected to help the user manage work and personal life more efficiently.

Samsung announced this new platform at the Samsung Developers Conference yesterday. Continuity is the main goal but Samsung also wants you to learn how to choose the right device for the right task. For example, some people prefer reading on their tablets instead of on the screen. Others find it easier to check their social networks on their smartphones while others prefer to work on documents on their desktops or laptops.

Samsung will be releasing the Flow SDK to Developers soon so they can start implementing the platform into their apps. Since this is a Samsung line, only Galaxy devices and other Samsung products will get to enjoy the Flow. The only challenge now is for Samsung to get developers work on the Flow. I’m sure there won’t be a problem, right?

VIA: Slashgear