If you want to turn your smart TV into a monitor for your devices, there’s another way to go about it aside from connecting it to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Last year Samsung introduced its range of Smart Monitors that actually has features that you would normally see on Smart TVs. Now they’re adding four new models to the lineup, a premium 43-inch model, an entry-level 24-inch one, and updated variants of the 27-inch and 32-inch models from last year.

The Samsung Smart Monitors are based on their proprietary Tizen OS and offered wireless DeX support, Bixby voice controls, and even support for a lot of popular streaming services. So it functions as both a monitor and a smart TV if needed. The new models added to the line-up also have software upgrades. It now has a TV Plus feature so you can access free live TV and on-demand content. It also has a Universal Guide feature to give you content recommendations based on your viewing patterns.

The most important upgrade is customizable voice assistant support. This means you won’t be stuck with Bixby if Samsung’s digital assistant is not your cup of tea. You can change it to Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. An upcoming update this June to the Remote Access feature will enable “simple and secure connectivity between the Smart Monitor and external PCs for improved usability.”

The 43-inch Smart Monitor M7 features 4K UHD display and HDR10 support and comes with an all-in-one solar-powered remote that is actually made from recycled plastic. The 24-inch Smart Monitor M5 model is the entry-level version and has an FHD display. The new white variants of the 27-inch and 32-inch Smart Monitor M5 have 16:9 displays, 178-degree viewing angle, 250 nits of peak brightness, and HDR10 support. All the Smart Monitors have 10W speakers.

What’s missing right now is how much each of these new Samsung Smart Monitors will cost and when will they be available. We also don’t know yet which markets they will be available. Hope we will get more information soon.


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