While you probably use Chrome or Firefox as your default browser, there are still a lot of other great (sometimes better) mobile browsers out there. Samsung Internet is one such app and even if you don’t have a Samsung smartphone, you can still use it if you want to try something else. The stable version 8.2 has now finally been released and it includes several new, helpful improvements like the Do-Not-Track mode, faster downloads, and better Bixby integration.

Enabling the Do-Not-Track mode will add a header to site requests and in theory, this should prevent them from tracking your browsing and sending you personalized advertisements. However, since there is no standard yet for DNT requests, websites are not obligated to support of follow such things. So while this may be a good feature to have, it also might not be that effective if you really want to block websites from tracking your movements.

The new version of the browser also now has better download management. If you’re downloading something bigger than 13MB, it will download it in chunks which will lead to a 15-40% increase in speed. You now also have better Bixby integration as you can ask your voice assistant to open the browser and search for a particular thing, like “Bixby, open Internet and search for Santa Claus”.

If you live in the US and India, you will now be able to find News in the Quick Access menu, which is useful if you don’t have time to look for news sources anymore. You will also now find the Quick Access Sync feature which lets you store your bookmarks in the cloud so you can access it on other devices when you sign in with your Samsung Internet account.

The Chromium engine of the browser has been updated to M63 which has improvements on its JavaScript as well as new CSS properties. You can update your Samsung Internet browser now or if you haven’t tried it yet, download it from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: Samsung


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