People don’t always use Chrome or Firefox for their mobile browsers. Samsung device owners also have the option to use their own Samsung Internet Browser of course, and now the latest update to the app brings them better privacy and customization features. Version is now rolling out to all users with some of the features first available in the beta build. While third-party browsers are probably more feature-packed, there are also some advantages to using your OEM’s own pre-installed browsers.

The update brings one toggle that should improve the security and privacy when you’re browsing using Samsung Internet. When you’re going to the privacy and security section in the settings, you’ll see a toggle for “Block unwanted pages”. When you turn it on, it says that if you press the back button, websites cannot take you to a page that you didn’t visit previously. Some websites redirect you to different pages or even other websites so you get surprised when you reach a place that you weren’t trying to go in the first place.

Another new feature that comes with the update has to do with customization. You will now be able to arrange, re-arrange, add, and remove features from both your hamburger menu and the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. The navigation bar lets you put up to seven shortcuts and is now customizable so you can put there the buttons that you actually use or need and not be limited to what the default is.

Some options you can choose from are refresh, search, turn on secret mode, text size, desktop version, print, find on page, etc. Having the option to re-arrange these buttons and shortcuts is a pretty interesting feature to have which not all browsers currently have. So while Samsung Internet may not be the most robust, this is one thing that you can have if you choose to use your device’s own browser.

Update your Samsung Internet Browser to the latest version so you will be able to enjoy these new features. Just go to the settings to update it or go to the Galaxy Store to update the app from there. You can also download it from the APK from SAM Mobile.