Just last month we reported that Samsung Internet has already reached a billion downloads, although it comes pre-loaded on Samsung devices so it has an advantage over other browsers. Nevertheless, it’s trying to establish itself as one of the browser “big boys” and the latest update to the Beta version wants to do just that too. Version 9.2 Beta is the first one to sport the new OneUI design language as well as compatibility with the popular Night Mode.

The OneUI was announced at the Samsung Developer Conference last year. The focus of this new design language is to make it easier for its users to browse, even if they’re just using one hand to do so. A lot of the user-accessible menus and features are now placed at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to access them. It has also updated its brand and icon to match the new OneUI app icons as well while still being consistent with its Samsung Internet brand.

The compatibility with the Night Mode is also found in this beta update. The UI of the entire system will go to a dark theme once that option is chosen. You can also now turn on the dark mode for your websites if Night Mode is activated. That way you can still browse through your heart’s and eyes’ content even in dark places or late in the evening.

Samsung Internet is also introducing their new experimental tracking protection feature called Smart Anti-Tracking. The app uses on-device machine learning to detect if third party domains use cross-site tracking and then denies them access to cookies when they appear under other websites. This way, it will be harder for them to track you across sites and serve you targeted ads among other things.

You can now download the Samsung Internet beta version 9.2 to experience these new features and of course let them know your feedback. No schedule yet as when the stable release will happen.

SOURCE: Samsung


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