Mobile internet browsers are getting more robust and full-featured and those that are not named Chrome have been adding new things to get people to switch to them. For Samsung users, the Samsung Internet browser has been getting more useful and convenient as of late, especially if you’re using a Galaxy foldable device. The beta version of the browser, version 14.0 is now available for download. It brings new privacy and security settings, a better viewing experience for the foldables, and UI innovations for everyone.

The Samsung Internet browser beta will now have Smart anti-tracking which basically detects and stops websites from tracking you. You also get a new security control panel so you can easily monitor and control your privacy settings. You can even see how many pop-ups and trackers have already been blocked. The information you see here can help you make informed decisions with regards to your privacy and security when you browse the internet.

If you have a Galaxy foldable smartphone, you now have a Flex mode when viewing videos through Samsung Internet. It will automatically be enabled when you watch a video in full-screen mode. Basically, you can watch the video on the top half of the screen while the video controls can be found in the lower half. This is a more comfortable way of watching a video on your browser and you don’t even have to enable it on the Video assistant every time you do so.

The App Pair feature on Samsung Internet will let you launch multiple browsers simultaneously so you can read and access the sites in a split-screen format. This is handy when you need to have two browser screens in just one display at the same time. You can also now use your favorite font on the website that you’re reading through the Labs in the settings menu. The update also brings better reading mode, a translation extension, and S Pen to text for the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

Samsung Internet 14.0 is now available on beta and after this testing period, it will be available in the stable version by April. If you’re already using the browser, you’ll get a notification once the official update starts rolling out.


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