Not content to rule the smartphone game, Samsung has announced they inter to dominate the tablet sector as well. Speaking to a group of analysts Wednesday meeting, Samsung executive Shin Jong-kyun told the crowd their tablet business was expanding rapidly, and they expected to become the largest supplier of tablet devices in the world.

 While those are lofty ambitions, they seem plausible for Samsung. In a few short years, the South Korean company has taken the Android world by storm. Saturating the market with devices, they’ve become hard to ignore. With a huge presence inside of Best Buy, the nation’s top brick-and-mortar retailer, they’ve established themselves well in the marketplace.

Samsung sold 16.6 million tablets in 2012, according to research group IDC. According to Shin, they expect to sell over 40 million tablets in 2013. Their upward trend has helped to grow their market share to 20%, while Apple fell slightly to 30%. Although they’re trending upward, they still have work to do.

Apple sold 65.7 million iPads last year to Samsung’s 16.6 million. That was in a year that saw their tablet lineup see little change, and the iPad mini debut on November 2nd. With a full year of sales, and a vastly improved lineup, outperforming Apple may not be as easy as Samsung thinks.

Samsung will probably saturate the market to gain a lead, just as they did with smartphones. Apple was the easy king early on with their iPhone lineup, but Samsung was outselling them just four years in. Considering they also supple chipsets to Apple, it’s a win-win scenario for Samsung.