Samsung is at it again with another awesome and tiny bluetooth headset today. They’ve just announced nationwide availability of one of their newest and best headsets, the HM7000. With options to pair with their Android app, great battery life, and a sleek and fancy design this should make plenty of users happy. Plus, people living in cities like me that don’t allow use of cellphones while driving with no exceptions, this will really come in handy.

The new HM7000 has an all in one portable and practical charging and traveling solution shown in the image above. The charging cradle not only protects it during travel, but is extremely portable while also being lightweight and durable with chrome accents. The cradle then opens into the desktop dock for charging as it appears in the photos and closes shut for maximum protection when needed. Pretty fancy Samsung, I like it.

The new Samsung HM7000 is available now from Samsung and is also for sale nationwide at T-Mobile stores and online at as well as Radioshack starting next month. The HM7000 will retail for $99 but that includes the entire cradle and charging dock all in one solution. Samsung also offers their free Android app Freesync, that pairs nicely with all of their current bluetooth headsets to bring plenty of advanced options and more user features.

Shown above, FreeSync makes the headset more than just hands-free calling. You can set it to read emails, texts and more all with the advanced bluetooth capabilities offered. It has full voice command, prompt, and playback support and the text to speak options in the Android app are quite convenient also. Like most bluetooth headsets offered today we also have full music streaming via A2DP support. Again, the HM7000 is available now and starts at $99 from Samsung and T-Mobile with more retail options coming soon.

[via T-Mobile]