At last year’s IFA consumer electronics tech show last year, one of the things that Samsung unveiled was the Gear S2, which some still consider as one of the best smartwatches available in the market. Now as they send out invites to this year’s edition of the trade show, it looks like the highlight of the Korean OEM’s show will once again be launching a new wearable, possibly the Gear S3. The teaser invite has pretty much confirmed this, but of course no official announcement has yet been released.

While the wearable tech industry has been experiencing a pretty noticeable slowdown compared to the past couple of years when it was the gadget of the moment, OEMs are continually producing new ones, hoping that this will be the one to help break the industry out of its slump. The Samsung Gear S2 was a pretty good one for them, with analysts saying it’s the best wearable yet to have come from the brand. And so expectations are pretty high for the upcoming new device, which may probably be the Gear S3.

Its predecessor runs on the revised Tizen operating system, which doesn’t have that many restrictions anymore. It also has started working better with non-Samsung smartphones. But of course there’s still a lot of room for improvement, specifically when it comes to software issues, which hopefully, they will be able to fix already with the Gear S3.

The Samsung Press Conference will be on the first of September this year, in keeping with their tradition to make major announcements a couple of days before the official start of the IFA. IFA 2016 edition starts on September 4 and of course, we will be bringing you all the biggest and latest news.


VIA: Android Central