As much as you would want to hold on to your still-working but older smartphone, there will come a time when you’ll have to decide whether you need to upgrade or still stick with your device. Apps and updates will not always support you especially as OEMs will want to convince you to upgrade. Samsung Health is one such app as it has now confirmed that it is dropping support for older Galaxy devices, specifically those running on Android 7.0 and lower.

SAM Mobile reports that Samsung Health has issued a notice that starting March 22, 2021, they will no longer be supporting Galaxy devices that are running Android Nougat or lower. Those who have the devices will still be able to use the app for basic stuff probably but they will only get limited services and features. Even more crucial is that they will not be receiving any more future updates for the app.

The notice from Samsung of course recommends that users upgrade their OS version to Android 8.0 and higher to be able to continue using Samsung Health in its current and future versions. So if your device cannot be upgraded anymore to Oreo and higher, you have the choice of just getting a newer device or living without an updated Samsung Health app. If you don’t use the app that often anyway and you still want to stick with your current phone, that shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you’ve been dependent on Samsung Health as a one-stop solution for your health and fitness tracking needs, you will now have to finally upgrade your device to something newer. There are a lot of Samsung options of course from entry-level to flagship devices so you will never run out of devices to choose from, whatever your budget is. And if you want to enjoy the full Android experience as well, it’s about time to upgrade.

In any case, you have a month to decide whether or not to upgrade to a newer device. Well, that is, if Samsung Health is an important app for you.