Samsung Health Monitor Application with Blood Pressure Measurement

Perhaps as part of the preparation for the Galaxy Watch 3’s launch, Samsung has introduced the new Samsung Health Monitor App with Blood Pressure Measurement. This one can be enjoyed first by those who own the Galaxy Watch Active2 in South Korea. If you may remember, we told you about the watch’s ECG monitoring cleared in its native country. With the app, you can now check and measure your blood pressure. It’s a very helpful feature that health and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate.

With the approval of South Korea’s Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), we can be assured it is safe to use. We’re not sure if it will be readily available or accessible in other countries but this is a big step toward health monitoring and fitness tracking.

Galaxy Watch Active2 owners can use the Samsung Health Monitor app to monitor blood pressure. A traditional cuff is still needed. The watch comes with wrist sensors that help measure through pulse wave analysis. As described, what the app does is check the calibration value and the blood pressure change to determine the blood pressure.

The results are then synced to the mobile app on your smartphone. With blood pressure being tracked regularly, you can see your BP information by days, weeks, or months. The data you gathered can be shown to your doctor your checkup.

The Electrocardiogram (ECG) tracking we mentioned before will also be available on the app next quarter. In the near future, the Galaxy Watch Active2 will be more powerful with the ECG and blood pressure technology.

Samsung offers a number of advanced health and wellness features on the health app and smartwatches. It’s only a matter of using them regularly and properly especially if you want to track your stress, sleep, exercise, and now blood pressure and ECG. Monitoring your wellbeing is important. Samsung can even help provide health insights but it’s always advisable you consult with doctors.


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