There are a lot of health and fitness apps there that are vying for the attention of the health-conscious or those who want to have a fitter lifestyle. Sometimes 3rd party apps actually give users something better and so bigger brands like Google and Samsung have to play catch up with their own health apps. The former released a major update a few days ago and now it’s the latter’s turn. Samsung Health 6.0 promises to be “more intuitive, interactive, personalized, and easier to navigate.

The user screen for example, will now show what the user particularly needs or what is important to them. They can easily view and access the features of the app that they actually need or prefer rather than just make do with what the app offers everyone. For those who want to be healthier within a community, you now get an improved Together tab so you can share fitness milestones and celebrations with your friends while the Global Challenge lets you have access to the whole, global community that uses Samsung Health.

The Discover tab has also been improved so that you will be able to easily find articles, programs, and even partner apps that will help you reach your fitness goals. And speaking of partners, Samsung Health now supports SDKs for app and web service integration so 3rd party apps can connect more with their users. You can also buy wearables, accessories, health-related goods and services within the Samsung Health platform.

For those using Samsung wearables, obviously the Samsung Health app would be the perfect fitness companion for you. The new interface gives you more at-a-glance information, a workout countdown, more tracking information like GPS and heart tracking. The important thing is that you can access all of these with the tap of a button. You can also choose from 39 different exercises and also brings you Sleep Stage Detection which should help you improve your sleep habits.

Samsung Health also offers its users accessible healthcare options and information, including “Symptoms Checker” and “Ask an Expert”. It also has a partner ecosystem with some well-known health brands like Babylon and American Well. Update your Samsung Health app to the latest version to enjoy these new features.

SOURCE: Samsung