If you want to know what are the upcoming products for your favorite OEMs, one source would be to look at what are being certified by various regulation bodies around the world. While of course these aren’t official announcements and we don’t know exactly what the products are, they are still clues about what to expect. A bunch of tablets and smartwatches from Samsung have just received their certification from the EEC in Russia so let’s speculate as to what they may be.

Based on their model numbers which can be compared to the existing devices, this is what we can probably expect when it comes to the tablets. The upcoming tablets with model numbers SM-T720, SM-T725, SM-T720X and SM-T725X are probably the 2019 edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. We can probably also see a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (2019) based on the SM-T520 and SM-T525 model numbers. We are also expecting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (2019) because of the SM-T250, SM-T255, SM-T250X and SM-T255X numbers.

As for the upcoming smartwatches, we may be seeing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 or if not, a new unnamed wearable device. The Galaxy Watch that was released earlier in 2018 had model numbers SM-R800, SM-R810 and SM-R815 but the new ones spotted have spotted SM-R370, SM-R375, SM-R370X and SM-R375.

We also recently told you about a supposedly new smartwatches codenamed Pulse which may be a new Gear Sport or even sporting a new name Galaxy Sport. It had a model number SM-R500 and in this EEC listing, we’re seeing an SM-R500 and another one, an SM-R500X. So this is probably some sort of fitness-focused smartwatches as expected.

We will probably see these tablets and smartwatches unveils at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this coming March. We’ll keep you posted as to what other news we’ll get about these tablets and smartwatches.

VIA: Nashville Chatter Class