Rumors continue  to run wild about the Galaxy S III. The phone is inevitable – Samsung’s made no bones about the update in a general sense – but a few tight leaks and speculation is almost all we have for hard information so far. The latest trickle of information is a listing spotted on Samsung’s Global Download Center: an entry for the product model number “GT-I9300” is seen chilling next to the other models in the support site. For refference, the GT-I9000 is the oriignal Galaxy S, while the Galaxy S II covers the 9100-9200 families.

Also spotted was the Gt-I9800, which we’re honestly kind of baffled about. The second device was seen in a filing for WiFi certification. There’s no context and no info available on this phone, if that’s what it is. The screenshot could be something as simple as a typo, for all we know – we’ve also seen the GSIII labelled as the GT-I9500. We could fill your head with dreams of a special ultra-powered Galaxy S II with a 4K screen, 5Ghz processor, 10GB of RAM and infinite holographic storage. But that would be incredibly irresponsible of us. Wouldn’t it. The truth is there’s just nothing to say about the GT-9800 – except that it’s probably got WiFi.

The Galaxy S III was expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February (where the Galaxy S II debuted last year), but lately rumors indicate that Samsung will wait until later in 2012 to do so. The reasoning could be twofold: one, to wait for US carriers to get a chance to catch up and release the phone closer to its international debut, and two, to have a more recent competitor when Apple releases its iPhone 5. Or possibly the iPhone 4S Pro. They’re not big on actually improving hardware in Cupertino. In any case, we’ll be on hand at MWC to catch any and all announcements that are actually made.

[via SamMobile]


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