Starting in July, Samsung will open up an “accessory” retail division, through an online/offline retail product venture in association with Best Buy. This will therefore allow for Samsung to jump into the same fold as Apple, with their Apple stores’ accessory section.

Currently, the smartphone accessory market is worth 44 Billion dollars U.S, which Samsung wants a big part of. Shipping over 10 million Galaxy S4’s last month is a great example of how much of a stronghold Samsung really has in the actual phone market itself. Put two and two together, and you have phone buyers just craving to seek out accessories such as the new S View Cover, and the Smart Dock.

Selected third party companies are said to also be part of the game, and they too will be able to market their products in the Samsung stores, albeit with permission from Samsung themselves. An expected 1400 retail locations, both on and offline are slated to be opened, with Samsung clearly looking to expand both its product base and its customer loyalty base.

We’ve already covered before how Best Buy plans to work with Samsung on this, but we had yet to confirm to what level. Now we know it’ll focus almost solely on accessories. As well as their flagship phones of course.

How this will all turn out for them is yet to be seen, but it should be interesting to finally be able to buy trusted Samsung products without having to wait 3 weeks for arrival.



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