It sounds like things might be changing this year for team Samsung Mobile. After many customers and press alike complained about the regular run-of-the-mill plastics used on their flagship GALAXY S 4, they might finally be changing their ways. Maybe the HTC One has them worried, but new reports are stating they’ll finally be using aluminum for their upcoming Galaxy Note III.

According to new reports from SamMobile and their trusted insider sources, Samsung is a bit “worried” about their build quality and the improvements that others have brought to the market. This has caused an internal discussion that has led to the decision to completely redesign the upcoming beast of a phablet, the Galaxy Note III.

Reports are still up in the air whether it will be a 5.9-inch 1080p display, or if they’ll go up to the 6.3-inch form factor we’ve seen multiple leaks pointing towards. What we do know is they could be ditching their plastic ways and finally using something that has better build quality while remaining lightweight. HTC saw heavy praise for their impressive HTC One, and the extremely familiar plastic design of the Galaxy S 4 got Samsung some negative press.

Apparently this change to better more durable materials like brushed aluminum was in the works for the Galaxy S 4, but they couldn’t mass-produce it. Expecting over 100 million sales that makes sense, but the Galaxy Note III won’t sell nearly as many. Which makes it perfect as the candidate for their new design approach. The specs of the Note III are still up in the air, but it sounds like we’ll have the latest version of Android and a nicely redesigned more durable Galaxy device. Who’s excited now?

[via SamMobile]