Samsung Galaxy Note 9 VR Freebie

The latest Galaxy Note 9 is slightly shorter and wider than the Galaxy Note 8. We find it impressive because its screen is 0.1″ bigger at 6.4-inches. That’s not much noticeable to the naked eye but the latest VR headset is slightly bigger now for the Note 9. You see, that super small change matters that it brought the issue on incompatibility. It’s not really “not compatible” but a simple adapter quickly fixes the problem. The phone does not fit the new VR headset when it’s supposed to hold most Galaxy phones.

No need to buy the adapter because Samsung is giving it away for free. Just ask. Own a Note 9? You need the adapter to make the VR work on your new smartphone held by the Gear VR (SM-R325N) headset.

The model isn’t exactly new because it’s the same one that was released with the Galaxy S8 from last year. It also fits the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S8 Plus, and the Galaxy Note 8.

If you wish to avail of the freebie from Samsung, feel free to call the telephone assistance hotline at 1-800-SAMSUNG OR 1-855-726-8721 anytime between 9am and 9pm EST.

Samsung Gear VR

You can also live chat to request for an adapter. Expect the item to be delivered after two weeks of your request.

Samsung has shared instructions on how to connect the Galaxy Note 9 to your Gear VR headset:

“If you want to connect Galaxy Note9 to Gear VR (SM-R325), you need to replace the device holder with new one (Parts code : GH81-16186A) before connecting the devices.

1. Slide the lock switch to the unlock position and remove the device holder from the Gear VR.

2. Select new device holder. While the lock switch is in the unlock position, slide the device holder into the holder slot. Then, lock the holder by sliding the lock switch to the lock position.”

VIA: SlashGear


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