Aside from the fact that you have a new smartphone or phablet, one of the things owners of new Samsung gadgets look forward to is the fact that the OEM gives them free digital gifts. For Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus owners, the new set of Galaxy Gifts consists of 14 treats from various apps, from games, to subscriptions to digital content to exercise apps to a discount on your next trip through a travel app.

The apps offered as gifts are offering treats exclusive to owners of these new devices. For example, The Guardian gives you ad-free access to premium content for 6 months. The NY Times also offers a 6-month subscription too, but if you’re in the US and Canada it’s just 3 months for some reason. If you’re more into reading books that news, then you have a free monthly book from Samsung Kindle and 3 months of unlimited access to the Scribd library, which consists of a million books and audio books.

Those complaining of the lack of microSD card in Samsung’s new devices might be slightly (very slightly) appeased that getting the Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge Plus will get you 100GB of cloud storage space for the next two years. Now if you’re looking to keep more fit, Lifesum gives you a free 6-month Gold subscription that will give you personalized guides on dieting and exercise. If outdoor exercise is more your thing, komoot offers 3 regional bundles. And if you want to travel a little further, if you book a trip through the Trip Advisor app, you get 15% off your total.

There are also games and art apps in the bundle, so there’s a little something for everyone. There aren’t instructions on how to get the app treats, but just like previous Galaxy Gifts, we assume you just install the app and it will recognize your device and give you the promised exclusive gift.

SOURCE: Samsung