It has been a few days now since German courts banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet in most of Europe. Samsung and Apple have been fighting a legal battle there over Apple’s allegations that Samsung is copying its design for the Galaxy Tab series. The courts in Germany set a date for Samsung’s appeal to try to get the ban overturned. The date is set for August 25 and a decision will likely come a few weeks after the court date.

Apple is also attempting to ban the import and sale of the Galaxy Tab tablets in other areas too. Apple filed an injunction with a court in The Hague reports Reuters that seeks to stop the Samsung gear from being sold in the Netherlands. That filing is also seeking to stop the import of the Samsung products into the EU via the Netherlands.

The judge in that case is going to deliver his ruling on September 15 and if he rules for Apple, the injunction would go into effect on October 13. The judge presiding over the case in the Netherlands is Edger Brinkman. Samsung has filed suits of its own against Apple.

[via Reuters]



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