Google’s official Android M launch is happening very soon and as with the previous versions of the platform, we can expect a lot of rumors, leaks, and previews of our next dessert before the grand reveal. We’ve been guessing what the ‘M’ could mean but there are not enough hints from Google. However, Samsung has been generous by sharing with us some of the improvements of the upcoming Android version. The usual bug fixes and device enhancements are included, as well as, some new features.

Yet to be launched next quarter, the Android M could be anything from Maple Syrup to Milk Shake to Marshmallow to M&M’s. Earlier we mentioned that choices could be down to three: Malt Ball, Milk Shake, or Moon Pie. But with Samsung mentioning Milk Shake, that’s another close possibility. (Hmmm…)

The whole Android community won’t stop guessing and making theories about what’s M gonna be. This is just the beginning of all the “sweet talks” but for now, let’s focus on the enhancements and features the Android M will bring according to Samsung:

• App Permissions. This feature has been improved so you can choose which functions to allow an app access to. You can soon disable the location function with the new Android M.
• Track Memory. Determine which apps uses the most memory, this way, you can know what app to close. The Memory tab will tell you how much memory each app is taking up on your phone or tablet.
• Quick Finger Print Access. Use this to unlock phone and log in to Google Play Store or other apps that require log in. No need to type a password on the screen just to get in because your fingerprint is enough.
• Auto Backup. The platform can back up all settings and app user data automatically into your Google Drive account up to 25MB per app. (How cool is that?)
• Power Saving. Device battery will be more efficient now with the power saving features and Doze mode that can reduce processes in the background.

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Android M

SOURCE: Samsung