Samsung today has released some fine photos and details on the upcoming Samsung Gem, a phone that also goes by the name SCH-i100 and runs… Android 2.1 Eclair. That’s weird. This device also has a 3.2-inch touch display with WQVGA resolution and scratch and smudge protection. It includes GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and supports 850/1900Mhz CDMA spectrum. Why do we think it might be released via Verizon? Take a peek at these leaked photos and you’ll take the same note.

Inside you’ll find an 800Mhz processor, on the back a 3.2 megapixel camera, on the front a speakerphone, and on the side support for microSD cards up to 16-GB. Samsung Gem has Swype software included as well as Samsung Social Hub social networking throughout. Take a peek at these juicy pics:

[Via PhoneScoop]


  1. Is that juicy like dog poo is juicy?

    There is nothing juicy about this pile of steaming poo from Samsung.

    I was wrong to not heed the warnings of those who avoided the Galaxy S phones due to their history of poor support for their customers.

    Never again.

    Please if you are also a disgruntled Samsung Android owner, join the class action referenced here:

  2. What a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    When the F**K is Samsung going to learn that NOBODY wants a phone that’s running their favorite outdated piece-of-sh1t Android 2.1 OS?!?!?? Gingerbread is here, people have been clamoring for Froyo for months (and some are actually getting it), and Samsung releases a brand new phone in 2011 that’s running a slow buggy outdated version that nobody wants?!?!

    STUPID!!!! Utterly moronically BRAIN-DEAD!

    Hey, Samsung! Get a friggin’ clue!! Take Eclair and cram it up your asses!!!!!

    I’d love one of these phones for free…so I can drop it in my toilet, pinch a big beefy one all over it, smash it with a broom handle, and flush it.


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