Samsung may be preparing displays with 560ppi for upcoming devices, according to Samsung Display CEO Kinam Kim. He also hinted that Samsung was working on AMOLED tablets for 2014. The incredible pip density is said to make an appearance on Samsung’s refresh of their Galaxy S line, believed to be named the Galaxy S5.

These displays are also said to be kept for 5-inches and above, with a 5-inch variant sporting a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Samsung also says that AMOLED will be an increasing part of their display structure moving forward. In 2012, only about a quarter of the devices they ship have AMOLED. Currently, AMOLED splits time with LCD displays across the Samsung landscape almost equally.

Moving forward, Samsung is going to be investing heavily in AMOLED displays. Across the board, they’re readying devices to take advantage of the technology. Samsung also holds about one third of the AMOLED patents worldwide, and sees more value versus their LCD counterpart. Things like quicker reaction time and power consumption drive the desire to make a shift.

There is also the pixel density, which Samsung is prepared to take full advantage of. Past 250ppi, the naked eye has trouble identifying different pixels at a normal distance, so we’re not sure the density matters. If, by virtue of the pixel density increase, color reproduction and contrast improve, we’ll be impressed.

VIA: TalkAndroid