It may have flown a little under the radar because of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 7, but Samsung is also releasing a new version of their Gear VR headset. The device will be available in the market starting August 19 as well together with the newest of their phablets. But if you’re very much eager to have the new virtual reality toy, you can already start pre-ordering it through the Samsung online store and maybe other online stores as well.

Some of the major improvements that Samsung has done for this updated version of the Gear VR includes more padding for the areas where it comes into contact with your face. This will make viewing videos or playing games or trying out apps a bit more comfortable, especially if you’re going to do that for a long time. It also now has a USB slot so you can watch directly whatever media you want to play through there.

In terms of compatibility, even if the new Gear VR is being highly touted as a great accessory to the Galaxy Note 7, it can be used with other Samsung devices, specifically the former flagship, the Galaxy S6, and all other major smartphones that Samsung has released since then. The good news is that it will cost the same amount as its earlier version and you would need to shell out $100 if you want to get this one.

If you’re planning to buy a Galaxy Note 7 anyway, hold off first on purchasing the new Gear VR since a lot of carriers are offering a free new Gear VR if you pre-order or purchase the phablet. But if you’re just looking for a virtual reality headset, then head on over to the Samsung online store or to Amazon and pre-order your device right away.

VIA: SlashGear